S-Liner Basic


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This new-style device works extremely fast and with extreme precision. That means your results are easy to control and quickly done. The machine also has a speed display where you may choose between different modes of your work (for every specific treatment).
This model may be the right choice for you if you have a professional background in permanent make-up or just started your career and want precise results.
NB! Basic Needles will fit this machine! Click here
The package includes:  
  • Power supply (with sensor speed display)
  • Adapter + power cord
  • Hand-piece + connector cord
  • 1 box of needles 1R 0,30 (15PCS)
  • Operating manual

Technical specification:

  • Power Supply Output (max.12V,250NPS)
  • Power Supply input  (90-240V)
  • PEN Speed (max.10000 RPM)
  • PEN Input (max. 12v)
  • Frequency (50Hz)
  • Drive (Precision DC motor)
  • Protecting class (Protection small voltage)
  • Operating mode  (Continuous operation)

NB! It is recommended by the producer to change O-Rings after the use of 15 cartridges!


We guarantee 1 year on the hand-piece and power supply from the time of its original purchase.
The warranty does not apply to the following damage:

  • Damage and consequential damage caused by improper use or failure to comply with the operating manual.
  • Damage caused by the ingress of fluids or dirt into the inside of the hand-piece, the controller, or the power supply.

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Weight 2.15 kg
Dimensions 27 × 12 × 27 cm