MicrobladingS Yellow 10ml


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The wide spectrum of MicrobladingS Pigments allows efficient and high-quality micropigmentation. Micro pigments are made in accordance with standards that guarantee the highest quality and safety.

MicrobladingS Yellow pigment is the lightest one of all base colors. It is also extremely versatile, since you can use it to create all three shades of brown and various tones of orange.  On its own, Yellow pigment is used exclusively for light hair tones, like natural and colored blondes. Plus, yellow can serve as a mask to make dark colors less intense during the first 7 days after treatment.


Glycerin, Propylenglykol, Hamamelis Virginiana, CI 77492, CI 200310, CI 561170 PCP, PEG-8, Isopropylis palmitas, Potassium Sorbate.

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