MicrobladingS Orange 10ml


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The wide spectrum of MicrobladingS Pigments allows efficient and quality micropigmentation. Micro pigments are made in accordance with standards that guarantee quality and safety.

MicrobladingS Orange is a special pigment. One part of yellow to two parts of red pigments is a prime example of the microblading colour theory in action. This creates a lavish orange colour. The orange pigment is exclusively used to treat natural redheads. Almost, because you can use it to treat natural blondes and brunettes, to give their brows a reddish finish. This achieved due to highly concentrated amounts of red iron oxide. You’ll need to be very precise by using it alone as it is a concentrated red hot colour.


Glycerin, Propylenglykol, Hamamelis Virginiana, CI 77492, CI 561170, CI 200310, CI 11767, CI 56110, CI 73907  PCP, PEG-8, Isopropylis palmitas, Potassium Sorbate.

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