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These new formula BeBrightS pigments are what you need to include in your inventory!

18 carefully selected colours for eyes, eyebrows and lips! BeBrightS comes in 15ml bottles, that give you more for your money. These new formula pigments are suitable for all skin types to offer you the best in colour diversity and quality. All pigments can be mixed to create a softer look whenever needed. See the more detailed ingredients list under each pigment.

The eyebrow pigments Brown 1-5 are standard neutral brown colours. For warmer effect add Brown 6 pigment to any of the eyebrow pigments. Our lip pigments have all the needed colour variations from very bold Red to secretly perfect Nude. The eyeliner pigments welcome two new and sparky colours in addition to the blackest Black – meet Purple and Green. And if your clients darker tone lips or eyebrows need a touch of warmth, get acquainted with Orange. Last but not least, for Coverup eyebrows you cannot go wrong with our ready-made mix Corrector.

The BeBrightS Collection package includes:
1x BeBrightS Brown 1 15ml
1x BeBrightS Brown 2 15ml
1x BeBrightS Brown 3 15ml
1x BeBrightS Brown 4 15ml
1x BeBrightS Brown 5 15ml
1x BeBrightS Brown 6 15ml
1x BeBrightS Red 15ml
1x BeBrightS Pink 15ml
1x BeBrightS Rose 15ml (Due to label printing error, the bottle says Rosa)
1x BeBrightS Sunset 15ml
1x BeBrightS Blush 15ml
1x BeBrightS Nude 15ml
1x BeBrightS Black 15ml
1x BeBrightS Ebony 15ml
1x BeBrightS Purple 15ml
1x BeBrightS Green 15ml
1x BeBrightS Orange 15ml
1x BeBrightS Corrector 15ml

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